50 JAHRE DRC - eine geselliges Wochenende im Park von Burg Hardenberg und um zu!!! Wilma, Churchill & Twist haben sich eine rote (Twist), zwei blaue (Wilma & Twist) und drei grüne Schleifen (Wilma & Churchill) sowie schöne Richterbeurteilungen erlaufen. 08. Juni, Richterin Margret Brown (GB): "another outstanding bitch, full of breed type, excellent overall balance + construction, femine head, has strength overall but still remains very feminine, in full coat, excellent topline + tailset, well spring rib, short coupled, and one that I would like to have in my kennel" - WILMA, 2. Platz zzgl. Res.-Anwartschaften "lovely masculine yellow, great pigmentation, good length of muzzle, well ear-set, strong + clean leg, strong topline, good-barrowed rib, strong bone, happy dog who`s mind is another things (bitches!), moved soundly" - CHURCHILL, 4. Platz 09. Juni, Richterin Betsy Horn-Humer (USA): "yellow dog with excellent substance + bone, correct head with right proportions, soft expression, nicely balanced front and rear, good angulation, good head + tail,gates well,shows a lot of promise" - TWIST, 1. Platz zzgl. Anwartschaften
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